12 Snow and Ice Preparedness Tips for Your Commercial Property

Dealing with snow and ice removal is serious business when it comes to a property manager’s responsibility. Developing a snow preparedness plan that provides for a safe and non-disruptive environment for building tenants is not something to be taken lightly.




Here you will find a short list of tips to assist in getting through the snow season:

  • Review snow removal contracts and assure you have adequate protection.
  • Have a plan in place to keep sidewalks and parking lots free of ice and snow
  • Before the season stock plenty of salt, ice melt and shovels
  • Assess all exterior lighting to ensure it is illuminating all walkways properly
  • Plan to control wet walking surfaces inside and out with appropriate mats
  • Create a plan for loss of power, including considerations for maintaining heat and preventing frozen pipes. Establish safe equipment shut down procedures
  • Fully test and service generators to ensure they are ready for use.

Good luck!