6 Spooky Travel Destinations for the Halloween Season

With all the attention Thanksgiving and Christmas get from travelers, it’s easy to overlook Halloween as a destination holiday. While a few cities provide a spooky vibe year-round, annual festivals, theme park pop-up events and other haunted happenings elsewhere have helped make the holiday a travel mini-season all its own.  (more…)

3 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Properties for Winter

Property management companies employ maintenance teams to ensure the safety and comfort of residents. They do more than keep lawns maintained and change old light bulbs; maintenance staff fix damaged railings, shovel snow, and perform a variety of functions to make sure the building not only looks great but also stays safe all year round. But when cold weather arrives, building… (more…)

Are You Currently Overwhelmed With Your Property?

Managing rental properties can become quickly overwhelming, even for experienced investors. There is always something going on that requires attention and it takes very little time for things to get out of hand. Hiring a property manager can provide an opportunity to regain control and restore stability to both your properties and possibly life in… (more…)

MoviePass Wants to Save Moviegoing—If Theaters Will Let It

The average movie ticket costs $8.95. In major metropolitan areas, you can easily spend twice that. So the economics behind subscription service MoviePass’s new plan—$10 per month, for as many movie trips as you can stomach—seem at least halfway insane. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find a scheme that doesn’t just potentially save… (more…)