Quick Tips – Maintaining Common Restrooms in Your Commercial Property

Restroom maintenance is critical for the health and safety of customers and tenants. Daily maintenance is necessary, but there are many products such as faucets and fixtures as well as dispensers and dryers that can be installed to reduce maintenance time.


Upgrade faucets, fixtures and sinks to improve looks, functionality and water conservation. Automatic or touchless faucets and fixtures can stand up to high levels of use and automatically limit the flow of water. Automatic control for touchless toilet fixtures active only when needed and only for one flush. Both can help reduce the amount of water used on your property. Furthermore, touchless faucets and fixtures help prevent the spread of germs in your bathrooms.


Increase convenience and further eliminate the potential for germ transfer by installing touch-free soap dispensers and hand dryers.  Restroom users are always concerned about hygiene, and it’s now common to have fewer touch points in order to curtail germ transfer.


At some point, tenants or visitors to your property will end up using the restroom facilities. Whether it’s odor, trash, paper towels, soap or other supplies, it will be obvious if the restrooms are being attended to on a regular basis. Facility managers must either subcontract or use in-house employees to maintain and disinfect all surfaces continually to establish a healthier restroom environment.

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