5 Things You Should Never Do on a Conference Call

Proper etiquette is crucial in all walks of life, but there’s no place where good manners are more important than on a conference call.  Conference calls present participants with a field of awkward landmines which can detonate with the slightest misstep and destroy the meeting. (more…)

Will Westchester Ban Uber?

As launch date nears, doubt looms over Uber’s expansion into the county. Mega-ride-hailing service Uber will officially expand operations into New York State on Thursday. The deal, hammered out by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature over six years, allows individual cities and counties of more than 100,000 people to opt-out. On Wednesday, the… (more…)

Little Ways to Enjoy the Summer When You’re Trapped in the Office

As you’ve probably noticed, summer has arrived! And we’re sure you’ve also noticed that your office is still operating as if it’s not beautiful outside. You’re stuck inside, staring at a stock image of a beach as your desktop background while your social media feeds get filled with photos of tropical getaways, Summer Friday activities,… (more…)

9 Rules of Open-Office Etiquette

Many cost-conscious business owners are opting for an open-office plan where multiple staff members work together in a large room. It would be ideal if each person could have his or her private office, but that is often unrealistic and extremely costly. Therefore, to create peace and harmony a few rules of etiquette should be… (more…)

Memorial Day Facts: {Did You Know?}

It’s important that everyone take time to reflect on the true reason for and meaning behind Memorial Day, as it’s much more than just a day off from the 9 to 5 grind. Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who lost their lives protecting the United States of America. We are… (more…)

5 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Office Space

Is it time to move your office? Do you suddenly feel that you’ve outgrown your existing office and long for the need of more office space? Maybe you feel like your fully-staffed office is getting too over crowded, or your flourishing business has increasing needs and your existing office space no longer meets those demands.… (more…)