Is it Time to Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Commercial Property?

office bldg graphicMaintaining the exterior of a commercial property is critical when making a first impression on customers and tenants. Here are three tips to enhance lighting, sidewalks and hardscapes. 


Exterior lighting systems face very harsh conditions and are subject to problems beyond burned out lights. Acrylic lenses have a tendency to turn yellow over time and lamps can have dirt, bugs and even birds’ nests in them. Facility managers should regularly service and update their exterior lighting systems to improve visibility and promote a safe environment.


Commercial properties such as restaurants, office buildings and retail stores typically have a high amount of foot traffic surrounding the property. Combined with a wide variety of weather, including freeze-thaw cycles in much of the country, it is important to repair sidewalks to prevent injuries among tenants and pedestrians. Regardless if the sidewalk is asphalt or concrete, you must pay close attention to its condition throughout the year.


It’s critical to maintain hardscapes as well as the landscaping on your commercial property in order to boost curb appeal. For example, the pavers in your hardscape should be inspected and cleaned every three-to-four months. During inspection, you should determine if the pavers must be repaired or sealed. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your landscaping includes planting perennials for season-round, low-maintenance appeal; lawn upkeep, fertilization and replacement/repair; tree and shrub care; and adjusting the watering schedule based on seasonal needs.

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