Elevators & Stairs – Key Areas to Maintain in a Commercial Property

Elevators, escalators and stairs are critical for transporting tenants and customers within your property. As a result, proper maintenance and repair is necessary make sure they move around safely in well-lit elevators and secure stairwells.


Commercial elevators have become state-of-the art technological people-movers. However, the basic principle of elevators is to safely get tenants and guests to their destinations. One simple solution to ensure safety: Replace any burnt out cab lights to increase visibility and enhance the aesthetics of the elevator.

SAFETY stairwell

Stairwells are the evacuation point in case there is an emergency on your property. There are numerous codes and guidelines regarding handrail size and placement, requirements related to the distance from the stair tread, the weight load the handrails must be able to bear, and how far the handrails must extend beyond the first and last step. Furthermore, as a property or facility manager, it’s also important to regularly assess if railings are secure, make sure the stairwells are clean, and ensure there is adequate slip resistance¬†within the stairwell.


OSHA requires that exit routes on your commercial property are permanent, address the fire resistance-ratings of construction materials used in exit stairways, describe openings into exits, define the minimum number of exit routes in the workplace, address exit discharges, and define locked exit route doors as well as exit route doors. As a result, be sure to update emergency lighting and discuss these requirements with tenants to ensure they understand the crisis plan and exit strategy.

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