7 Tech Gadgets For A Safer And More Efficient Rental Property

Tech gadgets are showing up everywhere these days for rental property. From voice-controlled assistants to app-powered tools, smart home technology has been all the rave lately.At the heart of smart tech gadgets is the goal of maximizing efficiency, allowing users to best manage their resources, personalize and improve their spaces.

7 tech gadgets for a safer and efficient rental property

For this reason, several of those gadgets can be a great investment for property managers and landlords, as they provide cutting-edge ways to improve property management and make properties more appealing to tenants who value safety and efficiency.

No. 1 – Smart thermostats

Optimize energy savings by closely tailoring heating and cooling to a resident’s needs, switching to energy-saving modes when spaces are not being utilized.

Most brands offer programmable thermostats for customizable temperature presets that can be remote-controlled from mobile devices, allowing for ultimate and direct control over efficient heating and cooling.

Some have integrated sensor systems that can even ‘learn’ to self-adapt to the most efficient temperature based on detected room activity.

No.2 – Smart smoke alarms

Smart smoke alarm are now able to differentiate between types of fires by detecting different types of particles and volatiles, making them the most efficient tools of their kind for danger recognition.

Smart alarms can be connected to mobile devices to receive immediate alerts regarding the location and kind of danger detected and to allow remote silencing.

No. 3 – Smart home locks

Smart home locks use Bluetooth technology to allow monitoring of main entryways.

Usually consisting of a practical pin pad, those can operate by utilizing numerical combinations as pass-keys that can be changed as needed, maximizing safety and making it unnecessary to worry about lock-picking or lock-related mechanical issues.

By connecting smart locks to mobile devices it is possible to receive immediate alerts when doors are locked and unlocked.

No. 4 – Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are equipped with motion sensors that make it possible for an integrated micro camera to capture live video footage following detected movements on porches and entryways.

This can be a very useful tool for protecting personal property and packages located outside. It is possible to receive captured footage in real time by pairing the doorbell to a smartphone.

No. 5 – Smart personal and space cameras

7 smart tech gadgets for you rental property

These are revolutionizing video surveillance by making it accessible, easy and user-friendly.

Those small, stand-alone cameras do not require complicated set-up procedures and can be easily paired with mobile devices to allow for remote control and monitoring. It is important to keep in mind that it is always adequate to inform and consult tenants about whether they feel comfortable with video surveillance.

No. 6 – Leakage detectors

These can be paired to mobile devices to receive an immediate alert when their integrated cables detect a leak, which can be a valuable asset when it comes to protecting property from water damages.

No. 7 – Smart stove top knobs

7 smart tech gadgets for your rental property

These are designed to attach to existing knobs to turn off stoves automatically and prevent dangerous fires and gas leaks.

The sensor that comes with the knobs detects smoke and gas to then alert the knob system to shut accordingly.

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