An Attitude of Gratitude

gratitudeDon’t underestimate the power of Thank You all year long. November is the month when Americans all over the country gather in gratitude for Thanksgiving.  For one day a year, friends and family collect around a table and share a meal, often discussing all the things for which they are grateful.  Everyone feels good about the tradition, having met their gratitude quota for the year.

But what about the other 364 days of the year? The indescribable feeling that one gets from looking at a bountiful life and even the smaller gifts or daily things we have to be grateful for in life. This shouldn’t be a one shot deal once a year. Many articles have been published about the fact that psychology researchers around the country have found a direct link between expressing gratitude and happiness.

So, smile and share what you’ve been given, and help another person to see the bright side of life today.  It’ll really put you over the edge of gratitude!

The Freedom Institute

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