Captron “Captivated” By Westchester

When Munich, Germany-based Captron Electronic GmbH determined it was time to open a North American office, it considered locations in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Westchester County.  Both diligence and due diligence by T Square Properties’ Associate Broker, Rob Seitz, convinced the German manufacturer that the top floor suite of 611 W. Hartsdale Avenue, White Plains,… (more…)

Reinventing Your Commercial Building’s Landscape

Reinventing a tired, old landscape can be more challenging than creating an entirely new one. An existing landscape, especially one you may have had a hand in installing and even maintaining, can feel “comfortable” to you. It has slowly evolved over time and become familiar, so you may not even notice the weak spots and… (more…)

Paul Dedvukaj joins the growing team at T Square Properties

T Square Properties welcomes a new member to their Property Management team.  Paul Dedvukaj is a 1st generation Albanian-American who has lived in Westchester County for over 27 years. His family owns and operates multiple Real Estate properties in the tri-state area which has given him a keen understanding and hands on operation of the… (more…)

Tips & Tricks to Help Prepare Your Commercial Landscape for Summer

For many businesses located in regions that experience seasonal extremes, landscape design for commercial properties can present a particularly vexing challenge. What’s the best way to design and maintain a landscape that can not only provide a vibrant, colorful environment during the summer months but also easily handle the snow loads and bleak conditions of… (more…)

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Commercial Building

Warm weather is right around the corner, and it’s time for facility managers and building owners to review their cleaning programs and planning for Spring.  Daily cleaning tasks and deep cleaning initiatives go a long way toward preparing a facility for a new season of occupants and visitors. (more…)

Tips for a Fun, Affordable Holiday Party

Holiday parties, when done right, carry many benefits. They have the potential to bring employees closer together, encourage teamwork, enrich the company culture and show that everyone’s efforts throughout the year are appreciated. (more…)