SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS … Nordic Cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy and why should you try it? Westchester residents can enjoy the benefits of the first cryotherapy center in the area. Nordic Cryotherapy opened recently at 31 Mill Road in Eastchester. The center offers whole body cryotherapy as well as localized treatments. The center’s founder, Marie O’Connor, is a registered nurse in New… (more…)

5 Office Landscape Tips

Is your office landscape prepared to take on another year of sustainability upgrades and productivity initiatives?  Simple changes can impact your bottom line and create an aesthetically pleasing environment for employees, clients, and visitors. Here are 5 key tips to approach an office landscape redesign: (more…)

SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS … Mad Science of Westchester & New York City

Mad Science is the world’s leading provider of fun kids science for ages three through ten. Their interactive programs include clubs, workshops, camps, shows and parties that blend education with entertainment so that kids have a great time while they learn. The Mad Science staff provides all the supplies, materials and enthusiasm to insure that… (more…)

Why Some Chefs Just Can’t Quit Serving Bluefin Tuna

On Monday, a single 380-pound bluefin  tuna sold for about $37,500 in the first auction of the year at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. That’s far below the peak price of $1.76 million  that a bluefin went for at the same market in 2013, and this year’s price isn’t a good indicator of the supply, or population status.… (more…)

Are you superstitious?

Friday the 13th  occurs one to three times a year, when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday. In 2015 it occurred in February, March and November. This year, Friday the 13th happens only once… May. (more…)